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The line of Italian made silk scarves designed as wearable flags will be available at Fred Segal Sunset and at fredsegal.com starting June 20th, 2019.

Los Angeles, CA - June 20, 2019 - Category re-inventor VOILÀ LES HÉROÏNES (VLH) announces its exclusive brand launch at legendary Los Angeles fashion and lifestyle curator, Fred Segal. The launch will feature three limited edition silk scarves, or as they say, flags, designed to give people of all genders and backgrounds a poetic way to rebel, shout and find power through their struggles. The brand lives at the intersection of progressive fashion x meaning x self-expression. The brand will debut at Fred Segal’s flagship location at 8500 Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, CA. at fredsegal.com and at voilalesheroines.com.  

It’s hard to put one’s triumphs into words, and even harder to put them into wear. Voilà Les Héroïnes (a.k.a VLH) or “here come the heroines” has created a line of Italian made silk scarves designed as flags to be worn proudly by those who are turning life’s difficult and dark moments into something beautiful. The idea was born in the intensive care unit following the first brain surgery of VLH founder Danielle Hoppenheim when she was 16 years old. 

“I found joy, laughter and strength in wrapping vintage scarves over my shaved and scarred head and wanted to bring this spirit to the world,” said VLH founder Danielle Hoppenheim. “VLH is for all of us to find the power to turn a really dark moment in our lives into something powerful, beautifully defiant and excessively stylish.”

The VLH x Fred Segal exclusive launch will include the following two unisex collections:


The design brings to life a Tigress Queen pushing through a lush, dark, jungle, big pink tongue sticking out, defiant, irreverent and admired by all the creatures surrounding her. To be dressed up or down. RE-BELLE limited edition comes in two sizes: 

90x90CM (35.4”x35.4”) and retails at $175 

45x45CM (17.7”x17.7”) and retails at $85


Put one foot in front of the other. And repeat. That spirit of resilience and simplicity is the inspiration for the expressive STEP&REPEAT collection. It is about showing one’s inner power and style with the minimalist but radical black and white statement flag. STEP&REPEAT limited edition comes in 45x45CM (17.7”x17.7”) and retails at $85.

The flags are 100% pure silk, hand designed in Montreal and made in Italy from some of the very best silks, woven by artisans in Como, home to the scarf production of the world’s most iconic luxury and fashion brands.  

“When my daughter Danielle came out of her first surgery (she had a full craniotomy- doctors shaved her head, cut her head ear to ear and drilled through her skull), the first thing she asked me was: “how’s my hair?,” said Rob Hoppenheim, Danielle’s father and co-founder of VLH.“ “This moment of relief, humor, and love became the starting point of something powerful for us. This exclusive brand and product launch is only the beginning and we are truly grateful to John Frierson and the whole team at Fred Segal for instinctively understanding the human and fashion statement behind the brand.”

“Fred Segal is always curating next-generation brands and new storytellers,” said John Frierson, President of Fred Segal. “These flags are based on a real, compelling human story that makes them an amazing gift for all the heroines and heroes in our lives.”

True to its story and ethos, VLH will be introducing its human/social impact program: VLH Creative Studios, where a portion of the proceeds from sales will go towards launching a free digital scarf design platform. The hope is for others to find power through creativity, art and self-expression.

Discover more at voilalesheroines.com and on Instagram @voilalesheroines

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For press inquiries, product requests and interviews, please contact Candice Olives at vlh@voilalesheroines.com

About Voilà Les Héroïnes:

VOILÀ LES HÉROÏNES or VLH is the new progressive fashion and cultural brand living at the intersection of style and meaning, with a definitive sense of edge and elegance. Led by a small international collective of pop-culture and art obsessed individuals, VLH brings thoughtful stories and products of impeccable quality to the world meant to positively impact the lives of its flag bearers. VLH’s first product line consists of Italian made, 100% pure silk scarves, born out of a quiet hospital room following a heart wrenching 13-hour brain tumor surgery performed on founder, Danielle Hoppenheim. Exclusively launching at like-minded retail pioneer Fred Segal, VLH is growing into the definitive next-generation consumer brand soon expanding its horizon in fashion, wellness and beauty.


Fred Segal opened its doors in 1961, debuting fashion denim as a lifestyle concept that instantly secured the brand as an integral part of the Los Angeles scene and celebrity culture. A unique retailer that offers an effortless, lifestyle experience inspired by the free-spirited style of Los Angeles, Fred Segal has discovered and launched some of the most beloved fashion and lifestyle brands throughout the decades. Today, Fred Segal, which is owned by Global Icons, offers a curated and refreshing selection of new brands together with food and pop culture experiences. In addition to its flagship location on Sunset Blvd. in West Hollywood, CA, the brand has expanded to Los Angeles International Airport’s International Terminal, Malibu Village and has opened stores in Europe & Asia including Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, Zurich, Basel, Bern and Lausanne. Discover more at FredSegal.com and on Instagram @FredSegal

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