VLH was born in the intensive care unit, in a quiet hospital room following a heart wrenching and difficult 13 hour surgery to remove a brain tumor. Upon waking up, a 16 year old girl looked at her father and asked: “how’s my hair”? That’s Danielle. 

This moment of relief, humor, and love became the starting point of something powerful. To cover her partly shaved head and ear to ear scar, she began wearing and styling headscarves and creating a sense of joy and fun and self-expression, It was a feeling she wanted to bottle. And share. And Voilà. Voilà Les Héroïnes was born. 

VLH was to become a brand, a source of inspiration and motivation: scarves would be flags, we would own our setbacks and turn them into power. 

That’s the gift we would like to share with anyone struggling to make it through. Let your creativity, inner artist, imagination and personal sense of style lead the way. 

VLH Creative Studios’ pilot will be launched at the Montreal Children’s Hospital (where it all began). 

We are in the process of developing a free digital platform / app that kids, adults, and their families can individually or collectively use to design their own expression of resilience, and produce their own scarves / “flags”. 

Voilà Les Héroìnes